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Melissa Aggelo has been a nail technician since 2001. Her love and passion for beauty and nail care has seen her grow and share her skills as a former NSW TAFE teacher and more recently a CND education ambassador.

Mel has participated in Fashion Week in Australia for the last 4 years. Her unique ability to work with CND to conceptualize and design custom nails for each model is well known amongst industry leaders such as DI$COUNT UNIVERSE, Gail Soranda and Jayson Brunson.

As an education ambassador Mel is a great advocate for health, safety and sanitation in beauty and nail care. Mels Nail Co only uses high quality CND products which have been researched and tested before they reach customers.

There are regular CND courses that are held at Mels Nail Co, if you have an interest in nails or you are looking to improve your skills please check out the different courses offered here and submit your interest.